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Marc L. Epstein is an aesthetic M.D. offering cosmetic injections such as Botox and Dysport and Dermal Fillers; Retylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Raidesse, Belotero, Scultpra Aesthetic, and Nonsurgical Faciallift Rejuvenation Ultherapy and Sculptherapy.  


Dr. Epstein offers a variety of treatment options to provide his patients with personalized and selective care to obtain the most natural and age appropriate results to combat signs of aging. He can help you achieve beautiful, natural looking results using the latest, most technologically advanced aesthetic medicine treatments and procedures available today.


Dr. Epstein has practiced medicine for over 30 years and most recently opened a Aventura, FL office in addition to Westchester County, New York,  where he maintains  a practice for patients in New York and Connecticut.  Dr. Epstein is thrilled to be back home in Miami Beach, FL.  


Dr. Epstein provides his patients with aesthetic medicine treatments including cosmetic injections and non-surgical facelift treatments; Ultherapy, Sculptherapy

and Liquid Lifts and VI Peel.


As a sole practitioner, Dr. Epstein administers all treatments personally in his private practice where patients find that his genuine concern, patience, skill, and gentle touch, achieve superior, artistic results during delicate cosmetic injections and non-surgical facelift procedures. Every patients’ treatment plan is personalized to address patient concerns while respecting their budgets.


Dr. Epstein’s patients know they can rely on him to listen to their concerns and conditions and provide personalized professional medical guidance to ensure safety, efficacy and age appropriate results.


Dr. Epstein was one of the first practices to offer the revolutionary, all natural, non-surgical, Ultherapy. Ultherapyis the only treatment that is FDA approved, to lift, tighten and tone face, neck  under and decolletage without surgery or downtime. Using micro-focused ultrasound, Ultherapy works by penetrating deep below the surface of the skin stimulating collagen regeneration naturally resulting in signficant reduction of wrinkles and loose skin and improving skin laxity. Ulthera the parent company of Ultherapy, designated Dr. Epstein as a Physician’s Representative for his expertise and pioneering use of this state-of-the-art anti-aging treatment. He is also well known for his Signature Liquid Lift and innovative

Sculptherapy which combines both Ultherapy & Sculptra Aesthetic to achieve outstanding and long last results.


Dr. Epstein offers a variety of treatment options to provide his patients with personalized and selective care  to help you determine which aesthetic medicine treatment is best for you.  Dr. Epstein understands that looking and feeling your best is critical to overall self esteem and total body wellness. 


Dr. Epstein will work with you to help you achieve a younger looking, reinvigorated, healthier and more radiant you.  After your treatment, you will be able to face the world with renewed confidence.


Dr Marc Epstein is an aesthetic M.D. specializing in cosmetic injections and non-surgical Ultherapy. Dr. Epstein holds licenses in Florida, New York and Connecticut and serves patients throughout Miami Beach, Florida, Westchester County, New York and Fairfield, Connecticut.

To find out more about how an Ultherapy face and neck lift can help restore you to a more youthful and refreshed state,  please call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation at 917.617.4925 in Aventura and 914.468.0828 in Harrison, NY.






Anti-Aging Cosmetic Treatments

Call Dr. Epstein at 917.617.4925 or 914.460-0828 for your complimentary consultation and get started on the path to achieving the look you’ve always dreamed of.

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