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Anti-Aging Cosmetic Injections & Non-Surgical Facelifts   


Botox, Dysport and Xeomin are called neuro-inhibitors and are used to improve moderate to severe frown lines in both men and women. Botox, Dysport & Xeomin are prescription medicines that are injected directly into targeted muscles and used to temporarily improve fine lines and wrinkles. The ideal areas for Botox, Dysport & Xeomin is the area between the eyebrows, forehead lines, & crow’s feet. 


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Dr. Epstein expertly administers dermal filler cosmetic injections. He uses them to ease back time by artfully restoring volume loss, enhancing  facial contours, erasing laugh, marionette and puppet lines as well as redefining and enhancing lips. Dr. Epstein offers a full line of dermal filler cosmetic injections. Choose from:


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Dr. Epstein offers a variety of anti-aging cosmetic injections & non-surgical facelift treatment options to provide his patients with personalized and selective care from his private practice in Miami Beach, Florida.  For more information on how Dr. Epstein can help you look as young as you feel, please schedule a complimentary consultation today at 305.222.7924 in Aventura and 914.468.0800 in Harrison, NY.




Ultherapy is fast becoming the most talked about treatment for lifts to the face, under chin, neck and decolletage. Ultherapy is a non-surgical, micro-focused ultrasound treatment that tightens and lifts loose skin and regenerates collagen naturally without surgery or downtime. It is the only FDA-approved treatment for lifting, tightening and toning aging

skin on the face, under the chin, neck and decllotage. This in-office treatment takes one to two hours depending on the areas being treated. Unlike lasers, Ultherapy does not damage the surface of the skin. The ultraound penetrates to the deepest level of the skin causing a healing response which regenerates lost collagen. Results are natural and gradual with full results seen in three to six months as your body regenerates new collagen. 

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Dr. Marc L. Epstein is an expert in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. He offers several options for patients who don't want to go under the knife or have long recovery time. Dr. Epstein provides the most advanced technology to help you look younger without surgery or down time. He has developed a combined treatment utilizing Ultherapy and Scultpra Aesthetic called Sculptherapy. Both treatments help your body regenerate collagen and have long lasting effects. Dr. Epstein's signature Liquid Lift combines specifically selected cosmetic injections such as Sculptra Aesthetic or Radiesse for facial sculpting and contouring to enhance cheeks, jawline and to remove lines, wrinkles and deep folds. Botox or Xeomin is used to alleviate forehead wrinkes and crows feet and Belotero is a great product to redefine and enhance lips.



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