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Dr. Marc L. Epstein's signature mini-liquid lift.

Non-Surgical Liquid Lift

Dr. Epstein designed his signature non-surgical liquid lift techniques after working with hundreds of patients who want to maintain their youthful look without going "under the knife". As we age, collagen loss reduces facial volume and elasticity which causes wrinkles and results in a look that may make you feel older then you are.

Using "volumizing fillers"  Radiesse®​ Expression, or Sculptra Aesthetic  with Botox or Dysport​ in key areas of your facial structure, Dr. Epstein can 

take years off your face with liquid facial sculpting that gently enhances 

facial contours, restores volume loss, erases lines and wrinkles.

You can expect instant and visible results that will bring back your glow and recharge your spirit without surgery or downtime. Results vary but can last from six months to one year.

Dr. Epstein provides a comprehensive evaluation addressing  your particular areas of concern and creates a customized plan to refresh your overall look.


Call Dr. Epstein at his private and discreet practice in Aventura, FL at 917.617.4925 or in Harrison NY 914.468.0828 for your complimentary consultation at . Find out how you can look ten years younger in under an hour!


    Before                             After

Actual Patient Zetta Age 51

Radiesse After Picture
Radiesse Before Picture
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