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How much does Juvederm cost? Juvederm is usually priced depending on the number of syringes needed, which is usually one. The cost of Juvederm is based on the following factors: Your location, Doctor's  expertise and number of syringes used on your face. Most experienced doctors charge between $500 to $900 per syringe of Juvederm. 


However, if two are needed to get the job done, you will likely not be charged double, as you should get some kind of discount on the second one. Some doctors have payment plans so that you can pay over several months, if you need to have flexible price payments for you Juvederm injections.


View average price paid by city for Juvederm injection treatments according to a recent survey:

$950 Anaheim, CA
$880 Long Beach, CA
$500 West Bend, WI
$1,500 Melbourne, FL
$750 Portsmouth, NH
$425 Sioux Falls, SD
$500 Birmingham, AL
$1,000 West Palm Beach, Florida
$600 Gardiner, ME
$700 Ft. Lauderdale FL
$800 San Diego, CA
$1,100 Cleveland, OH
$850 New York, NY
$500 Dallas, TX
$2,000 Santa Barbara CA
$875 New York, NY
$485 Centerville, Ohio
$450 Lexington, KY
$ 700 New York, NY
$500 Chicago, IL
$550 Seattle/Bellevue, WA
$625 McLean, VA
$1,900 Los Angeles, California
$1,000 Beverly Hills, CA
$495 Miami, FL
$495 Temecula, CA
$ 750 Seattle, WA
$750 Scottsdale, Az
$500 North Bergen, New Jersey


Dr. Marc Epstein, Aesthetic M.D. specializes in Juvederm cosmetic injection treatments in Aventura, Florida and Harrison, NY.  To learn more about Juvederm, or please call Dr. Epstein to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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