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Botox Parties and Injections at Hair Salons? 


As cosmetic fillers and Hollywood endorsed non-surgical procedures become more and more popular, you will see an increase in hair salons offering cosmetic injections as well as cometic injection "Botox" parties.

In my opinion only a licensed Aesthetic Medicine MD or Plastic Surgeon are your best and safest choice to perform Botox injections. A plastic surgeon has the best understanding of facial anatomy, and therefore also has the greatest ability to perform precision injections that produce exactly the desired effect. However, not all plastic surgeons perform these treatments opting to handle surgery and letting assistants handle injections. 

Do you really trust that person that will help avoid unintended and undesirable effects, as well as complications to your face at a hair salon? By choosing a licensed and trained Aesthetic Medicine MD or a board-certified plastic surgeon for cosmetic  injections, will provide patients will the best possible medical and surgical aesthetic treatment.

What about "Botox parties" ?

Botox is an injectable pharmacologic agent, with potential side effects and should be administered in a medical center rather than someone’s house or untreated environment. Getting cosmetic fillers injected in your face at a "party" is not the appropriate setting for the administration of a medical treatment. "Botox Parties" held outside of a medical facility is a marketing strategy used to promote the treatment and to make the general public less intimidating since your friends will be doing it. Before joining such 'parties', ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I been asked to provide a complete medical history?

  • Have I been advised of alternative treatments or procedures?

  • Have risks or potential side effects have been discussed?

  • Will I receive adequate follow-up care?


Just like any other medical procedures, Botox injections and other cosmetic injection dermal fillers should only be administered by a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon or Aesthetic Medicine M.D.

Marc L. Epstein M.D. is a board certified physician and Aesthetic Medicine specialist serving patients from his private and discreet practice in Aventura, FL.  To learn more about cosmetic injections treatments, or schedule a consultation please call Dr. Epstein's Aventura office at 917.617.4925 or Harrison office at 914.468.0828 or use his convenient contact form.

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