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Pamper Yourself This Mother's Day

The kids. The job. The house. If you’re like most moms, you put everyone—and everything---first. With a never ending to-do list, it’s easy to forget about yourself. This Mother’s Day, treat yourself to a state-of-the-art aesthetic treatment that brings out your most beautiful look. You’ll be amazed at how refreshing your appearance can lift the spirits, restore confidence and help energize you inside and out!

Let’s start with what FDA-dermal fillers such as Restylane® and Radiesse® can do. Comprised of hyaluronic acid (HA), dermal fillers instantly plump the skin and smooth wrinkles. Dermal fillers lift sagging cheeks, plump thin lips, soften smile lines and much more.

Forehead lines, frown lines or crow’s feet getting you down? Dysport®, a botulinum toxin, can wipe them away and create a smoother, wrinkle-free appearance.

As our skin ages, collagen is lost, and sagging begins to occur. For loss of volume, I frequently recommend Sculptra®. What separates Sculptra® from the competition is how it builds facial volume gradually, creating natural-looking fullness.

Lastly, I am proud to offer noninvasive Ultherapy®, which tightens sagging skin around the neck, chest, chin and brow area.. Ultherapy® also stimulates collagen production, which creates a more youthful look overall.

For all of you hard-working moms out there, I’m happy to offer Mother’s Day savings of up to $75 off on Fillers and a full Dysport® treatment for only $550.

I look forward to helping you celebrate you!

Be Well,

Dr. Epstein

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