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Beat the Selfie Blues!

 As a master injector, I know how important it is to look your best not only in person, but also on social media. That said, it’s time to beat the selfie blues! What’s more, you can't walk around with a filter in real life, which is where you really want to feel your best I have aesthetic solutions to help “filter” your look in real life.

For facial sculpting and wrinkle reduction, Botox (or Dysport), combined with dermal fillers and/or Sculptra is the ultimate way to beat the selfie blues. The neurotoxins Botox/Dysport achieve excellent results at diminishing the appearance of forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet. Dermal fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse) can reduce facial wrinkles such as marionette lines and laugh lines, create sexy plump lips, and sculpt better facials contours for those model-like cheeks. Sculptra, one of my favorite offerings can lift, contour, and build volume as it biostimulates, producing collagen over time.

Now let’s talk skin. Using filters to banish blemishes, correct tone and add radiance is the most popular form of retouching selfies. To get glowing, smooth skin for realThe South Beach Peeldelivers. This high-quality, medium-grade peel contains powerful medical grade ingredients that work on a deep level to exfoliate and stimulate collagen. This is an excellent way to treat acne, get rid of hyperpigmentation from sun damage, correct tone, shrink pore size, improve texture and more. 

It’s time to get REAL….and by that I mean REALLY REFRESHED.

Be Well,

Dr. Epstein

Call now to schedule for my September Special - FULL Dysport Treatment for only $500! - Call now: 917.617.4925.

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