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It's Not how you LOOK, but how you FEEL...

Last week marked a joyous occasion. It had been three long months of shuttering my New York practice and sheltering-in-place during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak. The first priority for this grand “re-opening” was making sure that my patients--just now emerging from the nation’s stay-at-home orders--experienced a great sense of calm and trust regarding their health. This was established by assuring them that my office adhered to the safest possible conditions per CDC guidelines.

As a master injector who has been practicing for over a decade, it is common for me to see smiles and other happy reactions from my patients immediately after treatment. For instance, a filler such as Restylane can return volume to the cheeks or wipe away marionette lines around the mouth instantly. This can spark a wide smile and buoy one’s beauty self-esteem. 

Yet what I experienced from my patients last week was a different, deeper kind of joy.  After 90-plus days, most of my patients understandably felt that their appearance had been neglected (no access to nail or hair salons either).  Many also revealed they had been feeling a bit out of sorts or even down in the dumps. This makes sense given all the challenges a pandemic brings: the abrupt work and personal life changes, fear of getting sick, isolation, etc. So it was beyond gratifying to witness how many clients experienced lightened moods after treatment. These appointments literally lifted spirits up higher than I had ever seen before.

As we all go positively into the future, my hope is that we all come out of this crisis stronger and more united. I look forward to continuing to provide  the best  environment and aesthetic medical service so that my patients will not only look, but will also always feel their best. 

Be Well,

Dr. Epstein

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