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The Power of the Personalized Consultation

No two faces are alike. Nor does the aging process impact everyone in the same way. That’s why personalized consultations are so important at every stage of the aesthetic journey.

Maybe you’re a first time patient who is seeking to eliminate those deep forehead wrinkles or that unwanted frown line. Or you’re a regular patient whose jaw is now starting to lose definition. In either case, my first priority as a master injector is to help you explore your aesthetic goals, and then guide you towards the best steps to achieving them.

The personalized consult is also about developing a strategy for maintaining your best look going forward. The face is constantly changing. My job is to predict what might be the right next course of treatment so we can continually keep the signs of aging at bay

To help you stay looking your youngest, I am proud to offer several exciting solutions:

Radiesse®: smoothes unwanted facial lines and wrinkles, and adds definition to your appearance.

Ultherapy®: boosts collagen and lifts and tightens skin without surgery or downtime.

Sculptra®: activates your skin’s collagen-building process to help restore facial volume and the look of fullness to wrinkles and folds.

To celebrate the season I am offering the following special on Ultherapy: $399 - Small Areas ONLY

Crow’s feet with lower lids (great for puffiness)

Perioral areas (fine lines around the mouth)

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